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Temaneki Cats Red

Temaneki Cats Red

Updated date: 2015 11 09

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    All Items
  • Edo komon
    Edo komon
    In the era of Edo, luxurious fashion patterns which were carefully dyed and one-color patterns which could be seen smoothly from distance were considered as expensive items.
  • Chidori
    Plover pattern is the designed pattern of a flying flock of plovers which can be found in seashore or riverside. Besides well-known patterns which are represented by simple line, there are other ones that are sensed practically.
  • Allocation pattern
    Allocation pattern
    It has been called as a layout pattern of generic one by fundamentally repeating one pattern on a regular basic.
  • Actor shape
    Actor shape
    It is the pattern that Kabuki comedians who were Edo’s fashion leader used as commercial trademarks.
  • Stripe
    It is a general term for pattern made of multiple lines. As it is considered rather new and in general pattern, it is compulsory to have innovative technology to use in special textile.
  • Other patterns
    Other patterns
  • Sakura pattern
    Sakura pattern
    There are some variations of flowers representing Japan. Sakura is the pattern clearly representing spring.
  • Abstract pattern
    Abstract pattern
    It is a design that has abstract representation of nature patterns.

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